One is one and all alone essay

We are being introduced to the main character, Trishwho is on board a spaceship on a mission to planet Trion.

One Is One and All Alone Essay

In the end, Trish does not think of the consequences of her actions and Clo outsmarts her and disposes her.

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She is bored playing and talking to a machine and she needs a real human of her age to talk to and play with. For example, he may deduct focuses for being marginally under or over the one-page prerequisite. This makes it less demanding to see your work impartially and see any holes or issues.

Inciting Incident This refers to the initial event which triggers the story. Trish feels the loneliness as her parents always busy with their works and that causes her to get the idea to clone herself. In conclusion, the moral values that I have learnt from the short story are to think carefully before we take certain actions and we must not be cruel to others.

Attempting to answer questions you have about a specific subject may lead you to a decent thought. Through her dialogue sessions with VP, Trish learns about clones and the cloning process. Her father is busy with the workloads in the spaceship while her mother is on Trion, setting up the space station.

Conflict This refers to the main problem. He is a multi-tasker, talking to Trish as well as perusing computer printouts at the same time. Initially,Trish is happy to have a clone to play with and talk to;however,Clo starts to wear Trish down.

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Trish does not think carefully when she decides decides to clone herself in the BioLab. Clo and Trish are identical and they even think the same way. Revising includes reexamining your thoughts, refining your contentions, rearranging passages, and rephrasing sentences.

The main character, Trish is the only child and she has no sibling. However,certain mannerism of Clo begins to drive her up the wall as her privacy is always being invaded. This shows that they really had the same thought of disposing each other but Clo acted first to dispose Trish out from the spaceship.

Compose each passage as though it could remain lonely in the essay, being certain to present the issue and finish the idea with an end sentence. A framework demonstrates your primary thoughts and the request in which you will expound on them.

“One is One and All Alone” by Nicholas Fisk is a science fiction story, set in The main character is Trish, an year old girl who is the only child on a spaceship to Trion. May 01,  · I have selected the short story entitled ‘One Is One and All Alone’ written by Nicholas Fisk in order to answer the question.

The short story tells about a girl named Trish who travels to Planet Trion in a spaceship in Literature -One is One and All Alone - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

Feb 02,  · Note: One is One and All Alone Summary. “One is One and All Alone” by Nicholas Fisk is a science fiction story, set in The main character is Trish, an year old girl who is the only child on a spaceship to Trion.

Her father is the Executive Officer of the spaceship and her mother is in Trion helping to set up a space station. A one-page essay can be a difficult task to draft.

One is one and all alone moral values essay

The uncertain thing about composing a one-page composition is that it must contain all the major supplementary parts of a typical length composition, for example, from introduction to conclusion.

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One is one and all alone essay
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